Monday, August 18, 2014

Ophelie Guillermand for Vogue Russia September 2014

Ophelie Guillermand is photographed by Jason Kibbler for the latest editorial in the Vogue Russia September issue. Styled by Olga Dunina, the editorial features a curated selection of knits from the fall/winter collections -- which can easily be pegged as the bane of our sartorial existence. Believe it or not, the unwanted decline in temperature will be here before we know it along with shorter days and longer nights. Luckily, we all have the oversize knits and mannish trousers paired with trainers and an overcoat to look forward too. It's obvious that layering will be the key to your sartorial street style success this upcoming season, along with a sleek post shower drenched ponytail and little to no make-up. To be quite honest the Chicest Degree is overjoyed for the charcoal grey, burgundy, and brown color schemes along with the warm apple cider and cinnamon scones that comes along with it.  

Ophelie Guillermand by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia September 2014

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Summer Struggle: MY BLOWOUT WON’T LAST

Girls, I know a lot of us have this awful problem. You get a beautiful blowout and its perfect, until the minute you walk out into the 89%+ humidity. It’s honestly a sin how mother nature and hair were not made to get along with one another, and its no help to our pockets either. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I was born in the dead of winter and really, I'm not interested in the cold -- except for being able to wear coats. Summer has the whole hair downfall to it, and it's just not fair. 

My personal experience with this lately has been worse than usual. I have wild curly/wavy hair that requires at least a blow dry and a good flat iron after. I used to always get a wash and set because it lasted much longer, and is better for your hair. With the busy and last minute schedule I lead, blowouts only take about 45 minutes compared to two and a half hours for the wash and set. I request a sleek, bone straight look that can transform over the days and become beach waves. I'm usually required to keep my hair blown out for work, because otherwise that would mean an extra two hours in hair and makeup at a job -- and nobody wants to be THAT person. Lately, the bone straight tends to change into more of a wave after a day or two, making the sleek blowout more versatile and less time consuming.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ganni Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Meet me on the tennis court with your finest tailored cream trench coat and a navy maxi dress paired with white minimal trainers. Ganni, is one of the labels to watch and is slowly becoming the goto minimalist emporium. The Copenhagen based brand which won brand of the year at the Danish ELLE style awards this year, has actually been around for quite some time now. It launched in 2000 with just t-shirts, sweaters, and has since expanded into a full contemporary line with ready-to-wear shoes and accessories.

The clothes are playful and relevant but still, largely, wardrobe staples you can wear from season to season. Which is something our bank account statements can appreciate greatly. The silhouettes are clean and wearable of course, with a touch of prints and amazing structure. For the new season, we saw great pieces for an active summer -- motorcycle jackets, white maxi dresses, green satin sweatpants, and tailored blazers paired with mannish bermuda shorts. Giving a relaxed feel, all of the looks were finished off with sneakers. Sporty chic seemed to be the aesthetic for Ganni come next spring and summer. Although, its similar to what your probably wearing currently, we're into it just as much as we're into the throwback Aaliyah and the minimal 90's nostalgia. The collection was a favorite at Copenhagen fashion week with its unique location and aesthetically minimalist clothing. At Ganni, the goal has always been to blend past classics with the best of the present -- and create collections that are sexy and vibrant. 

Ganni SS'15 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week 

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Overalls -- Easy on, Easy off

It's interesting how watching a Sex and the City marathon while getting dressed, can alter your decisions. Before NORMCORE, there was Miranda Hobbes in baggy dungarees and then Carrie Bradshaw followed suite. Do you remember that episode 'My Motherboard, Myself'? You know, Carrie freaks out when her computer crashes because her whole life was on the computer. Everybody starts telling her that she should have backed up her work. Aidan then buys her a new computer and a zip drive, and she gets angry at him for invading her space. He gets angry at her for not letting him be apart of her life more and he gives her back the keys to her apartment. Meanwhile, Miranda's mother dies. Samantha buys a guide on the street featuring 1001 sexual positions and didn't waste anytime trying them out with her wrestling coach boyfriend. For some reason she can't get off and fears that she lost the ability to have an orgasm so she masturbates all day to try and get it back. Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte attend Miranda's mother's funeral to give Miranda their support and Carrie is surprised to see Aidan there.  

If that sounds familiar to you, then you'll remember the outfit Carrie was wearing when she tried to restore her computer. Overalls, white mannish shirt layered underneath, and that ridiculous fanny-pack. The other day, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and was just about frustrated with everything in my newly downsized closet. Season four was on my mind from watching the entire season eight over the weekend, and couldn't think of a more effortless outfit than that exact one. Overalls have cemented their position in the fashion cannon as both a work-wear staple and a subversive style statement. They're probably the most overdone trendy piece of clothing you'll feel like you're buying, but something about looking like a two-year-old stuck in an adults body seems cool. Maybe it's the end of summer blues that has me opting for more simple outfits, instead of something a little more thought out. This is also photogenic evidence that trying to preserve a blowout is a pain in the ass.    

Calvin Klein denim dungarees, Equipment button down (similar), Zara leather wide heel mules, Alexander Wang 'Diego' bucket bag, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

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