Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein Jeans x Collaboration

Everything old becomes new again thanks to a collaboration between Calvin Klein Jeans and luxury e-commerce site Faced by Lottie Moss, model and younger sister of Kate Moss, the collection celebrates the brand's iconic past in true CK style. "The Re-Issue Project," is filled with updated classics such as high-waisted jeans, denim jackets, t-shirts and sweatshirts - which range from $105-$415 in price, adorned with the brand's iconic logo. "The capsule is all about nostalgia for the '90s and that whole look feeling very right again," said Calvin Klein Jean's global creative director, Kevin Carrigan. The exclusive project brings back the staples of the Calvin Klein Jeans collection that launched the career of Kate Moss in 1994. Photographed by Michael Avedon, Lottie's innocence and natural beauty is captured, which truly represents the essence of the Calvin Klein woman. 

Lottie Moss photographed by Michael Avedon for Calvin Klein x

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dior Fall 2014 Couture Collection

150,000 orchids lined the runway at Dior's couture show in Paris on Monday. Raf Simmons did the complete opposite of when Christian Dior introduced The New Look, with it's restrictive wasp-waisted, bar jacketed silhouette, in the 40's. Taking over the reigns for John Galliano as creative director, his first show left a lasting impression by embracing all things natural with a series of relaxed silhouettes. For the first time in a long time, couture for everyone appeared to be the aesthetic. After all, when couture shows feature sneakers and the fashion crowd are seated front row in a pair of Birkenstock's and other minimal footwear; it's not hard to let that craving for comfort trickle up to even the realm of haute couture.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Juliana Schurig by Emma Tempest for Vogue Russia July 2014

Juliana Schurig is having a major androgynous moment in the latest issue of Vogue Russia. This minimalist editorial highlights gender-blending style and is filled with staple pieces mainly in grey from the fall/winter collections. The hints of masculine femininity with the bare face and little to no makeup, combined with takes on mannish ensembles with a sartorial edge is photographed by Emma Tempest. The baggy trousers, tailored coats, and oversize shirts are the bulk of Juliana's wardrobe styled by Camila Pole. The styling is very spot on and is everything we'd want to wear come next season, we also wouldn't mind the Celine double breast(uhses) for brehkfuhst.

Juliana Schurig by Emma Tempest for Vogue Russia July 2014

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thoughts on Uniform Dressing

Something interesting I've noticed recently is that the way in which I get dressed, and more specifically the variables that force its evolution, have become increasingly less interesting. The wardrobe top rotation items remain the same one year later, and are most unlikely to change. Where I used to sartorially compensate for summer heat and my reluctance to layer like it's January, I now find myself slipping into a far-easier-on-the-eye, more comfortable uniform that speaks to this curios sense of urgency to delayer.

I'm dressing in a more streamlined manner that all too often includes the below photographed white t-shirt and boyfriend denim and or denim cut offs - but only ever when paired with a selection of minimal trainers and Birkenstocks that I won't even begin to describe how passionately I thought I hated ever since high-school. Or even better - the entire combination paired with the highly chic silk blazer from The Row.   

So what's happening? Am I just growing up? Probably not. Grown-ups don't take meetings in boyfriend jeans or denim cut-offs and don't wear the same white t-shirt twenty-five days in row sans wash, but who's counting? We should be able to agree that the recent NORMCORE-ish runway seasons and the entire debate on street style must be having an impact on the way in which we choose to consume and more importantly participate in fashion. I'd essentially admit to a style defeat and perhaps even the identity crises that arises in my outlining the questionable boyfriend jeans, t-shirts, and Birkenstocks of my new closet. I've recently reminded myself that not long ago the t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and mannish blazer are me. Just a few years ago I can remember the time that I saved up nearly $350 to buy my first pair of Acne boyfriend jeans, before then I went through a phase of over-consuming vintage Levi's 501 denim and wearing them a few sizes bigger for the boyfriend look. After viewing the CR Fashion Book 'Guide to Layering Denim' I realized that revisiting my sartorial casual mannish dressing wasn't such a bad thing and I wasn't being defeated by style after all. 

In the end, I'm not becoming less interesting nor are you simply growing up either if you can relate. Finally, we're developing what our own personal sense of style truly is, that will probably stick with us all for the rest of our lives - until another fad comes along that doesn't define our style choices but that we'd simply become obsessed with for a short period of time.

The Row silk blazer, Alexander Wang T-shirt, Vintage Levi's 501 boyfriend jeans, Birkenstock 'Arizona' slides here and here, Alexander Wang 'Racketeer' Satchel 

What are your thoughts on uniform dressing? Tell me everything leave nothing out.

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